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Undead World: Hero Survival

Undead World: Hero Survival

Undead World is available through Swagbucks for 3,000 SB currently. The game is still fairly new and was released in July 2021. Offer Terms require you to reach Stage 6 in 14 Days. There is a small Reddit Community for the game and they are growing steadily.

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The game is in a similar format to AFK Arena and other idle RPG’s. You have a team of 5 heroes who you will level up and can equip them with gear. There is just 2 currencies in game Gold and Gems (Premium). There is a VIP system like other mobile games and you can get extra benefits by ranking it up.

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Heroes: Use your early Gems to buy the 10 hero summoning and Elite books in the Caravan. Don’t buy gear early on. You will get lots of good gear from the Idle rewards. You also don’t need to worry about leaving the idle rewards for a long time. activating it even after a few minutes can get you Epic gear.

Recruit, Compete, Earn Rewards, and Level Up.

You can also spend 25 Gems to get 2 worth hours of idle rewards, which is good pricing for what you get. If you get a Supply Box reward I would suggest choosing the hero Britney if she shows up. Britney is your Nuker. Mary is a good Tank until you can replace her with someone who hits harder. Abigail is your Off-Tank/DPS hero. For healing you have Doc but he won’t compare to other heroes that you get as you advance. If you can get Britney (Nuker), Dave (Tank), and Murray (Crowd Control) these three make a great PvP team. Meredith (Buffer) is your go to Hero for buffing the team, she also provides a shield that is 10% of her HP stat.

The game is Free to Play friendly up until Stage 12 and then you may find you need to spend some cash to keep advancing. For this offer we only need to reach Stage 6, so that should not be an issue. I think this one is easily finished and will likely get stronger terms in future. Similar to Battle Night where they went from “Get 4 Purple Heroes,” to “Get 6 Orange” major difficulty leap there.

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