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Blogging, “for Fun and Profit”

Cast adrift after the closing of the Fatwallet Forums, I now use all the tricks I learned to earn money. Back on the forums I went by the handle Parkdanil and I wrote and maintained the cryptocurrency FAQ. I currently hangout at the Swagbucks sub on Reddit and Doctor of Credit.

Swagbucks Game Guides

Tips, Tricks, and Walkthroughs for a multitude of game offers present on the Swagbucks, MyPoints, InboxDollars, and Freecash platforms.


Game Girls Gallery: Curating content to empower, sourced from mobile games featuring a diverse range of female characters.

Shadow Brides Wiki

A growing collection of detailed texts covering a wide variety of game functions for the popular mobile game Shadow Brides Gothic RPG.



Ebony Art Book
Korean Art Book
Ivory Art Book
Latino Art Book


This all started as a diary for my traveling and cooking adventures. Over the course of my life I have visited 7 countries and 23 US states. I’ve travelled on buses, trains, planes, sailboats, rented cars, and my own two feet hiking and bicycling.

Currently, I reside in North Carolina where I attend college. I dabbled in #Bitcoin and #ManufacturedSpending from 2013-2020. I mostly do offers and deals from #GetPaidTo sites these days.

Get in Touch

You can find me on Instagram or YouTube under the SwagbucksAce handle.

On Reddit I go by FatWalletRefugee, and ParkDanIl on Doctor of Credit.
North Carolina, USA

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