When it rains it…

Normally it would pour although in my case it has snowed. I don’t think they’ll be able to put in a new Internet line with half a foot on snow on the ground.

Last night
This morning

So more than likely I won’t be playing DDO today. This is a bad time to be missing from the hardcore server. But the biggest loss is the Gold rolls on my daily dice from buying the season pass. Every roll has a chance to a stat tome or a cuddly pet or a super cool mount.

On the brightside I still have my phone and plenty of data. I also did good buying and selling US Steel ($X) so I’ve got some cash to burn once I get past this conundrum.










I was out digging the corn patch this morning and I hit the cable line. I’ve got no internet for awhile.

So no Hardcore event for the time being. #fail


16 hours of Hardcore mode. I logged in at 11:40am yesterday and its now 3:49am, I am still wired from all the coffee but it will pass I’m sure.

I made two toons but only played on one today. Lusongee join the Death Smile guild and reached level 8. I have done almost everything up to level 4. I did skip Shan-to-Kor and Tangleroot. I will run the Sharn Syndicate tomorrow and the Depths chain in house Denieth.

I had a close call in Two Toed Tobias with a pair of reapers and one of the new champions. I saw the hires had aggro and decided to use my bottle of mist from ravenloft. Well I accidentally moved and reset the cooldown just as the hires were turned to paste. I freaked out and hit ALT-F4. It was a timely move and I was pleased to see when I logged back in later that I wasn’t dead.

There are all of these new Champions for Hardcore mode and they are totally beastly. I feel like I spent half the day running away from stuff.

I was online when the highest level player died. He was level 12 when he died, racing to 20 to TR. I believe his name was Wesside, a Sorcerer / Bard build. He was up to level 5 in the first 22 minutes of the game, crazy.

I have a little over 6k reaper experience points, 433 Favor and my crafting is level 42. I made a nice +2 fortification 55 mithril large shield of solar guard for my Favor guy.


So I recently did the $200 bank bonus on the BB&T choice checking. I read about it on Doctor of Credit last year.

Anyways its been long enough so I was zeroing out the balance before closing. I forgot though that I had a bill payment scheduled and I ended up overdrawn after the bank holiday on the 17th.

Between the monthly fee’s and the overdraft charge I lost $124 of the bonus. Big ouch. Accidents may happen but are avoidable with wisdom. I was not wise this go ’round.

Hardcore League 2

The second season of Hardcore League is on the way. Tomorrow’s update will bring the Hardcore server back with the permadeath feature.

I have two days off of work which will get me started. I am temporarily ceasing my Pokemon Go gaming so as to focus on the Hardcore event. The server runs through May so I will be able to claim a spot before flying out to England in June.

The Anniversary Event is also running which might have been a distraction. Sensing a possible conflict I just spent 4.5hrs grinding to get all the gear and the sentient kobold gem I needed for my second account.

I have my builds worked out for both a Favor toon and a Reaper mode toon. I will be reusing the same names as last years event. My reaper toon will be Lusongee and the Favor toon is Ananzi.

Lusongee will be 3 wizard, 3 artificer and 14 cleric. Ananzi will be 2 cleric, 3 wizard and 15 paladin. Both will use Sun Elf for race and will be mixes of familiar classes and have Animal Domain for turning purposes.  Lusongee will need the arti levels for trapping as I will likely play solo on her for most of the game like last year. Ananzi will play sword ‘n’ board going for heavy defense and using spellsword to fill out his DPS.

I am still debating whether or not to buy an INT tome early on to boost my skill points. I’ll have to give it more thought for now.


I have holding Sprint shares since September of last year. I kept stocking up as the price went down and today I got my reward. With the approval of the Sprint / T-Mobile merger I was able to cash out with a nice profit.

Most of my shares were bought around the $4 mark. Though I did get some as free stocks from the various commission free apps that have become so popular. I made around $700 in profit from the shares I sold. Mostly I am just happy to see some green in my portfolio. I do have some others that I have lost all hope with but you can’t win them all.

I used Robinhood and Sofi to complete the trades. I also use the watch list’s on Webull to track all of my apps and the shares in each portfolio.

Oh! It’s a button

I’ve been emailing support and generally complaining elsewhere for a couple weeks about TradeUp. I got my free share notifications but nothing had been credited to my account. I the complaints spawned from not getting any responses from their support team.

Anyways I was checking out the app and my phone slipped out of my hand and as I fumbled with it I ended up pressing what I though was just a picture. Turns out it was the button to redeem the free stock. I certainly feel silly now that I found this out.

All is well now, I have 3 shares of NIO and 1 share of Ford. Here is my link if you’d like to try your luck. You get 1 share for registering an account, another for downloading the app and 1 more for making an initial deposit. So 3 chances at something good.