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Turn Undead

I’d say this is my favorite ability in Dungeons and Dragons Online. I certainly do seem to play Cleric and Paladin often.

My ‘Banishing Flame’ build uses 3 levels of Cleric and 2 levels of Paladin. The Knight of the Chalice and Radiant Servant enhancement tree bonuses can be stacked to really put Turn Undead over the top. The build gets better by choosing Animal Domain at level 2 of Cleric. Animals and Magical Beasts added to the list of Turn-able targets can be immense in the early game.

The problem with Turn Undead is that once you reach Epic quests past level 20 the Hit Dice and Levels of creatures goes up tremendously. Your basic cleric or paladin just doesn’t have the power or level range to affect something of that size. Even with my Banishing Flame build you can only target 1 or 2 creatures per use of Turn Undead.

It has been one my goals while playing Dungeons and Dragons Online to make Turn Undead effective at Epic (20) and Legendary (30) levels.

The recent Hardcore server event gave me a chance to play the Morning Lord (Sun Elf) iconic class starting from level 1. I found the effectiveness of Turn Undead was intense with the racial enhancement Bane of the Restless. This adds 6 to your effective level for turning purposes, 6 to the number of hit dice and does 18d6 light damage per use. The enhancement does not increase the Maximum Hit Dice though. Even so being able to turn at level 7 effectively and do 18-108 light damage at character level 1 was crazy.

My main character for Turn Undead is named Wahida. Playing on Cannith server I have 3 past lives of cleric and recently TR’d to Sun Elf. Her build is 3 Artificer/4 Paladin/13 Cleric, using Inquisitive tree for normal combat and trapping. She is a bit short on Action Points so I may decide to do some racial reincarnation later on.

10 AP into Radiant Servant tree and 11 AP in Knight of the Chalice, 4 AP in the racial tree. 34 AP into Inquisitive with the remaining action points going to either Renegade Master-maker in Artificer tree or Sacred Defender in the Paladin tree. I have the +1 Racial AP and Universal AP tomes.

The points into Renegade Master-maker are optional. 6 AP to get the second core ability providing protection against magic missiles and a +4 to AC. The shield spell can be used from a wand as an alternative, though recasting every 5 minutes can be tedious. The points in Sacred Defender gives a defensive stance with +25 to PRR/MRR. Ideally I would have 17 AP in Sacred Defender to get the sacred bonus to run speed and +6 to constitution. I can’t get everything I want. Taking AP away from Inquisitive would compromise my ability to fight everything else.

Well that’s probably enough for today. I will go over my actual Turning stats in a later post.

Another Free Stock app

Just saw this one posted to Doctor of Credit. I got lucky and received a $34 Bank of America (BAC) stock. When you sign up it will ask for an opening deposit. I don’t know if you can skip that but I set my deposit to $5. It took maybe 8 hours to get the account approved. The app works similar to the other apps we have seen like Webull, Robinhood and Moomoo you can hit these links to get stocks if you are not already using those services.

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New project and Ouch!

While we were having our carpets cleaned I decided to go out and root around in the woods. I checked the pond and the overflow “pit” and decided to expand some.

I used branches and fallen trees to make a barrier and then piled leaves and dirt on top. I then used rotting and burnt boards to shore up the sides and packed more dirt against those parts for more resiliency.

I have a trench running down from the overflow connecting to this newly cleared land. When the rainy season hits and the pond fills and overflows I expect it will be nice looking.

During the bit with the boards I stuck my thumb on a rusty nail. Ouch! So I am waiting at a clinic now to get a tetanus shot.