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Swagbucks: Arknights

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This game is a big download at 1.56GB and a 1.74GB in updates at first boot. The offer is kind of small at 500 SB and you have to complete 32 missions in the campaign. You are given 7 days to complete chapter 2-10 and it should Pend for 7 days. A small hiccup, the install said it was finished but the game crashed at the load screen and then said it wasn’t installed. I went back to the play store and sure enough it said “Install” even though I could clearly see the game in my installed apps list.

Terms from Swagbucks:

  1. Does not require a purchase.
  2. Must complete chapter 2-10 within 7 days to earn award.
  3. Award will Pend for 7 days after reaching completing chapter 2.10

An all new strategy game – Arknights, is available now! Start your new journey with new allies! Complete chapter 2-10 to earn 500 SB.*

Game Launcher Panel

There is a large Arknights community on Reddit where you can find lots of helpful information, and some unhelpful information as well. I think the first thing I did was mute the game. The music is cool but repetitive I was looking for the mute option pretty fast. The whole game is just a top-down view with tiles where you try to block mobs from entering your goal area. Best not to over think these types of games. It’s absurd that it takes 3.4GB to handle such a basic functioning game. Really most of that data is all the artwork and endless mind-numbing dialog that is included.

Operator Headhunting Recruitment Video

Once you finish some of the tutorial the Auto-Deploy function becomes available to repeat a mission on autopilot to grind out rewards. You still have to watch the battle play out but you won’t need to interact with it. The game includes Daily, Weekly and Event objectives to complete to get Experience items and money. Once the tutorial is complete you get access to Base building, which is a sort of mini economic zone with factories, workshops and break rooms. The resources for upgrading stuff is all either made here or gained from missions.

You should be able to just grind through the campaign so long as you don’t get distracted by the other missions that show up. To upgrade your Operators (heroes) there are materials you get from doing side missions for Chips, Ore, and Sugar. But you don’t need to do these to complete the Main Campaign objectives. Just use your Experience items to max out the level of 8 Operators. You can choose 12 to include in a squad but only 6-8 will actually get used in a battle. You’ll run out of money fast doing this so be warned.

I’d suggest including a Debuffing (Slow) operator like Orchid to the team and match her with a good caster Amiya. Gravel is a easy starter and can be improved using duplicate copies to lower her deployment costs. Cardigan is a good tank that can block 3 units and she heals herself. Beanstalk has a summon that halts mobs while she shoots them, she also adds DP points overtime. Zima can block 2 enemies and she fills your DP bar. Gummy is another good tank and she heals herself or a wounded ally in range.

This offer takes a really long time to finish. The Chapter progression is not set, it’s not 12 missions per section. The first part (Tutorial) is 18 missions, then 15 parts for chapter 1. There could be up to 4 side missions before 2-04 moves to 2-05. So reaching Chapter 2-10 takes a whole lot more activity then you might expect, especially for only 500 SB.

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