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Swagbucks: Crossfire Warzone

Find my Game Girls Gallery post for CrossFire Babes HERE. This took 3 days to complete. Requirements were to reach level 18 command post in 25 days. I got to level 15 on the first day by spamming my speedup items. You get 1000 gold for joining your first alliance which is nice. In thisContinue reading “Swagbucks: Crossfire Warzone”

Puzzles & Survival

A variant of Puzzles & Conquest, but with Zombies. You may have read my guide to Puzzles & Conquest; this one is a reskin of that game, or maybe the other way around? Anyways, if you have completed the other offer then you won’t any problems here. The only difference is the offer terms requireContinue reading “Puzzles & Survival”