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We had some heavy rain and wind here the other day and we lost a sweet gum tree. Some guys offered to chop it up for us but I figured it would cheaper to do it myself. I’ve just got this small hatchet but I got some good effort in so far. I am alsoContinue reading “Timber!”


Update: When I wrote this my employer had said there was a lockdown. Which there is not currently. I just received an official looking document to carry stating that I am an essential person doing something important. Basically I am allowed to go to work. I am allowed to leave my house. I live inContinue reading “Lockdown”


My new phone is a Samsung and so I now have access to the Samsung Health fitness app. My employer recently stopped supporting the Jiff app and the fitness rewards program they run. This led me to retiring my Fitbit and just generally laying around more. So I am very pleased to have a newContinue reading “Exercise”