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Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII

I found this one in my mailbox at the Swagbucks website. The offer is simple you only need to make a purchase to get the reward. After finishing the short tutorial I went straight to the shop and checked out the packages offered. The cheapest one is priced $1.99. I used $1.50 in google playContinue reading “Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII”

Game Girls: Kiss of War Officers Club #harem #shorts

Here are the first three ladies you will receive when starting the Kiss of War mobile game. There are multiple outfits that can be unlocked through both gameplay and in app purchases. The girls all have different voice actors and unique phrases. As with others games of this genre you can “date” the girls andContinue reading “Game Girls: Kiss of War Officers Club #harem #shorts”