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My current portfolio

I have reduced the number of apps I use for day trading to simplify my daily schedule. I used to use 10 different brokerage apps, now I just use 6 and I will be trimming that down to 4 eventually. Right now I’ve got mostly marijuana stocks held in my Webull app. Dividend earing sharesContinue reading “My current portfolio”

Oh! It’s a button

I’ve been emailing support and generally complaining elsewhere for a couple weeks about TradeUp. I got my free share notifications but nothing had been credited to my account. I the complaints spawned from not getting any responses from their support team. Anyways I was checking out the app and my phone slipped out of myContinue reading “Oh! It’s a button”


Hey folks I got another free stock app here. It’s called TradeUP. You get 1 free share (Cash Value) for signing up and another after depositing $100. They have a limit of 20 free shares from referrals. TradeUP is a feature-rich mobile trading application designed for investors to access equity markets and build globalContinue reading “TradeUp”