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Swagbucks Rewarding Moments

I got picked: I was happy to see on my Activity Ledger that my “Rewarding Moments” story had been chosen for the month of October. Each month Swagbucks has an event invitation that goes out in the mail. They chose a member’s submitted story to feature on Swagbucks’ Blog “The Daily Swag.” In additionContinue reading “Swagbucks Rewarding Moments”


So I decided to switch gears and take a break from the gaming offers on Swagbucks. I have signed up for Sunbasket. The offer earns 6000 SB for receiving 1 shipment in the first 20 days of subscription. There is an American Express offer of spend 50 earn 20 dollar cashback. That should stack withContinue reading “Sunbasket”