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Abra: Crypto Wallet and Exchange

Abra has been around for a few years now, but recently there has been an offer on Swagbucks to sign up. You can use Abra as a crypto wallet and also to swap USD for various Cryptocurrency. The wallet supports interest payments on some of the coins including CPRX. After making a $15 Deposit youContinue reading “Abra: Crypto Wallet and Exchange”


I often talk about Swagbucks and the various games, bank accounts, debit cards I sign up for there. I also talk about the Gift Cards and PayPal Cash I have redeemed for using the service. This is a guide to using Swagbucks, so you to can get started earning some money on the side. IfContinue reading “Swagbucks”

Swagbucks: Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Sign up and register with valid email address, reach level 15 to earn 250 SB. This was an offer I didn’t mind completing. I have played a few other Game of Thrones themed browser-based games, and this one was by far the best. You only need to reach Lord level 15 and not upgrade theContinue reading “Swagbucks: Game of Thrones Winter is Coming”