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Swagbucks – Green Chef

This was my second meal delivery service deal. The first was from Sunbasket. This one from Green Chef pays out 5000 SB and the package cost $35 so I made about $15 on the deal. The ice packs had melted in shipping and the poor FedEx guy had a mess in his truck. He hadContinue reading “Swagbucks – Green Chef”

Sunbasket part 2

My package has arrived. It was originally scheduled to be here yesterday but there was a delay. No biggie. There are two meals included in the shipment. I decided to make the Tex-Mex chicken salad first since the meat had been in the hot box. There was lots of insulation and an ice pack inContinue reading “Sunbasket part 2”


So I decided to switch gears and take a break from the gaming offers on Swagbucks. I have signed up for Sunbasket. The offer earns 6000 SB for receiving 1 shipment in the first 20 days of subscription. There is an American Express offer of spend 50 earn 20 dollar cashback. That should stack withContinue reading “Sunbasket”