Swagbucks: King of Avalon

6/15/2022 EDIT: The developers have made a number of changes to the game since this guide was written. Some data or functions may not be accurate. So I had been eyeing this offer in the Swagbucks app for playing this smartphone game. I figured it would be tedious or neigh impossible given the amount of … Continue reading Swagbucks: King of Avalon

Evony: TKR 5 Star Offer Guide

1/14/22: Multiple reports on Reddit suggest that the offer no longer credits early at 4-stars. If this is true then the time investment for the offer will increase a great deal. Be advised: This offer guide has been edited for completing the 4-star terms. Of course once you hit the 4th star you will be … Continue reading Evony: TKR 5 Star Offer Guide

Swagbucks: West Game

West Game UPDATE: GAME OFFER IS AVAILABLE AGAIN @ 6,000 SB | As of 12/25/21 | OFFER CREDITS AT TOWN CENTER LEVEL 16. I finally got this one to work. I had received an mailing on the Swagbucks website advertising this game at 6,000 SB. The link didn't go through and it said the offer … Continue reading Swagbucks: West Game