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Swagbucks: Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Star Fleet Command for Mobile and Desktop. This game is being offered on RevU and in the SB Live app. I was able to get it during the Triple point holiday special that RevU was running in November for 1,800 SB. It took 3 days to finish the offer and I highly suggestContinue reading “Swagbucks: Star Trek Fleet Command”

Who is responsible?

A while back I did an offer for Puzzles & Conquest through the SB Live app. I had to reach Castle 15 and get a 5 Star hero. I bought the 5 star hero advertised in game for five dollars and tax to complete the terms. I never received credit for the purchase and eventuallyContinue reading “Who is responsible?”

Puzzles & Survival

A variant of Puzzles & Conquest, but with Zombies. You may have read my guide to Puzzles & Conquest; this one is a reskin of that game, or maybe the other way around? Anyways, if you have completed the other offer then you won’t any problems here. The only difference is the offer terms requireContinue reading “Puzzles & Survival”