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Rise of Kingdoms Gift Key/Code

Here is a list of Gift Key’s that should be valid for use in the game as of 3/14/2022. You can click on your Portrait (top-left) and then Settings (Sprocket icon), Click Redeem and enter the 10-digit key. They are not case sensitive. New User: rokvictory Expired Codes: Chinese New Year 2022: happycny22 (expired) ChineseContinue reading “Rise of Kingdoms Gift Key/Code”

Rise of Kingdoms

This offer took 14 days to complete. I had Google Play credits from doing Google Opinions surveys. I used a dollar to get the special starter Japanese hero (Sanada Yukimura) and some boosts. I’m actually watching a show about Sanada Yukimura currently so this is kind of cool. The tutorial get you through basic movementContinue reading “Rise of Kingdoms”