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I often talk about Swagbucks and the various games, bank accounts, debit cards I sign up for there. I also talk about the Gift Cards and PayPal Cash I have redeemed for using the service. This is a guide to using Swagbucks, so you to can get started earning some money on the side. IfContinue reading “Swagbucks”

MyPoints: A Detailed Guide for New Users

MyPoints is from the same parent company as Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The main difference I have found is the point values are lower than the other two platforms. You are allowed to have a single account with each platform. You can earn Points in a bunch of ways. For example:Shopping online, using the site asContinue reading “MyPoints: A Detailed Guide for New Users”

2 bank offers, Swagbucks

I recently found two bank account offers on Swagbucks that have easy terms. Lili Financial 5000 SB and PrizePool 2000 SB. For Lili you need to deposit $25 and PrizePool wants $10, both offers say will pend for 32 days. Neither offer went pending for me so I will likely have to submit a ticket.Continue reading “2 bank offers, Swagbucks”