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Game of Kings: The Blood Throne

Another successfully completed offer on Swagbucks. This one was through Revenue Universe on a double point special and rewarded 1,952 SB. A 30 day time limit, requiring you reach level 21 Stronghold. I spent $1.56 on a Vanilla GC and $8.44 in Google Play Credit. There is a guide on Reddit for this game butContinue reading “Game of Kings: The Blood Throne”

Swagbucks: Arknights

This game is a big download at 1.56GB and a 1.74GB in updates at first boot. The offer is kind of small at 500 SB and you have to complete 32 missions in the campaign. You are given 7 days to complete chapter 2-10 and it should Pend for 7 days. A small hiccup, theContinue reading “Swagbucks: Arknights”

Swagbucks – myVEGAS Bingo

Swagbucks Offer Terms: Have a Bingo party with your friends as you daub your way through the Las Vegas strip! Play free bingo and other casino games in real casinos like the MGM Grand and Bellagio! Unlock the Mirage Casino and reach Level 20 within 10 days to receive 2,000 SB*, and don’t forget toContinue reading “Swagbucks – myVEGAS Bingo”