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Evony TKR: 1 Gold Equipment

The guide you may have seen here previously, was sadly incorrect on a number of points. The below guide was written by a Reddit user and it has been confirmed as working. Originally Posted on the “” Reddit Sub by user (u/Brave-Interaction511) 4 basic attributes means King’s equipment, not just any gold equipment. Cost: $25-50Continue reading “Evony TKR: 1 Gold Equipment”

Adgem, False Positive VPN Detection

I recently got a nice offer in my Swagbucks mail for “Plague of Z” which is an Evony reskin made to look like State of Survival. The offer is for 3,360 SB, and to get/craft a Gold Gear (equipment) with 4 attribute slots in 30 days. Evony has the exact same offer terms for gettingContinue reading “Adgem, False Positive VPN Detection”