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Game Girls: Super Stylist

Click HERE or on the image below to access the new gallery site.

Swagbucks: Daily Streak FAIL

Previously I had posted about reach my 9th day on the streak. Well today I just hit 31 days on my daily goal streak for Swagbucks. Unfortunately, today the first of October would have been the 31st day. The Calendar on Swagbucks restart the count at the beginning of each month, so I am backContinue reading “Swagbucks: Daily Streak FAIL”

Kasanje Visualizations

I have just got a ton of photos of birds, flowers, bamboo and garden vegetables in my collection. Back when I traveled overseas I took many photos of castles in both England and France. I love taking pictures on my both my camera and my smartphone. My phone is a Samsung A21s it has aContinue reading “Kasanje Visualizations”