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Still alive

Well looks like the game recognized I was disconnected and it logged me out. So I am still alive for now. I made it to level 10 and got my Bariovian battleaxe. I am now flagged for Shadow Crypt and Bloody Crypt. Can go and get my Silver flame nugget upgraded. I also need toContinue reading “Still alive”

Back online

I still managed to die within the first hour of being back online… It was an easy fix for the technician to patch up my line. He worked in the snow and even got my internet to go through a better line of cable. My speed has increased quite a bit. I had thought thatContinue reading “Back online”

Hardcore League 2

The second season of Hardcore League is on the way. Tomorrow’s update will bring the Hardcore server back with the permadeath feature. I have two days off of work which will get me started. I am temporarily ceasing my Pokemon Go gaming so as to focus on the Hardcore event. The server runs through MayContinue reading “Hardcore League 2”