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Overview Energy: 15 Background Position: Noble Lady, Master Healing. Brief Intro: Olivia is different from ordinary princesses. She prefers to study her weapons than a diplomatic venue like the ball because she has her own ideas in the face of Fitz, who is ravaged by monsters. Skills Passive: Golden Hour Lineup Skill: Unique: Divine JudgementContinue reading “Olivia”

Shadow Brides Gothic RPG: Olivia’s Soul Tears (NSFW)

Click HERE or on the image below to access the new gallery site. These pictures are from the mobile game Shadow Brides. The photosets are still being identified by our Reddit Community. I will include any Cosplayer details that we discover for each set. Some implied nudity, this section could be considered NSFW. I’d appreciate itContinue reading “Shadow Brides Gothic RPG: Olivia’s Soul Tears (NSFW)”