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Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII

I found this one in my mailbox at the Swagbucks website. The offer is simple you only need to make a purchase to get the reward. After finishing the short tutorial I went straight to the shop and checked out the packages offered. The cheapest one is priced $1.99. I used $1.50 in google playContinue reading “Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII”

Puzzles and Conquest

Hello everyone I have two guides today. Short (Money-Maker) guide at top and (F2P) at bottom. This one is potentially a money maker, although you can do it without a purchase if you’d like. Puzzles & Conquest can be found in the SB Live app and it should be listed for at least 1,981 SB.Continue reading “Puzzles and Conquest”

Swagbucks: Pantaya

The best streaming service in Spanish for the U.S. Sign up for Pantaya and get 3 months of streaming for just $1 per month. Plus, earn 600 SB!* Another easy money maker here. The streaming service Pantaya is being offered for $1, which gets you a 3 month subscription. The offer rewards 600 SB, soContinue reading “Swagbucks: Pantaya”