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Hate in Gaming

I recently found myself responding at length to a comment posted on one of my YouTube videos in the mobile gaming section. The fellow (Keroberus R) made mention of his Autistic friend being bullied by members of the games community on one of the servers. This reminded me of the tumult of Hate and extremismContinue reading “Hate in Gaming”

Game Girls: Shadow Brides Goth RPG

I’d appreciate it if you would check out my YouTube content and subscribe to the channel. Shadow Brides: Goth RPG is a recently released game still in Early-Access on the Google Play store (Download Here). The game is Rating Pending, but I expect it will get a Mature Rating at 17+ due to theContinue reading “Game Girls: Shadow Brides Goth RPG”

Game Girls: Kiss of War

Click HERE or on the image below to access the new gallery site.