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Back online

I still managed to die within the first hour of being back online… It was an easy fix for the technician to patch up my line. He worked in the snow and even got my internet to go through a better line of cable. My speed has increased quite a bit. I had thought thatContinue reading “Back online”

Permadeath 11

So I managed to kill off another character. My level 24 Purple Dragon Knight (PDK) died in Thunderholme. I was adjusting the mirrors and foolishly walked through one of the laser beams. Instant death. This was the toon that wasn’t competing. I was just playing around casually and not taking any chances. Big fail. IContinue reading “Permadeath 11”

Permadeath 10

I died. Again. Just 12k reaper exp away from getting my 10th point and the nice reward. I had been running everything on R2 during my second life and was quite confident. At level 14 and holding rank 56 on the reaper leader board, I got taken out by a group of rats in “InvitationContinue reading “Permadeath 10”