Hardcore progress

I have moved into Epics on the hardcore server. I am just bumping around Borderlands right now. I stayed in the Heroics yesterday while I farmed Dreaming Dark for one of those Vibrant Purple Ioun stones. It took 18 runs to finally get it to show up. I almost completed my Quori monster manual deed … Continue reading Hardcore progress

No rush

It looks like someone has already claimed to the top spot on Reaper exp and Favor so I don't feel rushed now to compete. I can take my time and get the rewards in a safe manner. https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/512854-Season-2-Server-First-5k-Favor!-(With-Pics!) Seeing as how the pure Sorcerers are so favored I may decide to make one for the … Continue reading No rush