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Investing game

I always look forward to Monday after the weekend. The opening of the stock market is always exciting. The pre-market trading can be intense and sometimes hectic. My biggest potential loss today has been Adamis Pharma (ADMP). It dropped to $0.33 in the pre-market after they got a denial letter from the FDA. I’ve gotContinue reading “Investing game”

Good morning

Starting my day off properly with a cup of Earl Grey and something to nibble on. I purchased some stocks recently. I see that Cannabis companies are popular so I got shares. Also I bought Rite Aid, LG Display and a few others. Just something to play around with as a hobby. As for myContinue reading “Good morning”

Backyard project

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I want to terrace a portion of my backyard for additional growing space. I have been watching Youtube videos and am particularly fond of the Primitive Skills channel. Since I have an abundance of red clay available I think I will be able to manage similar constructs. Though ofContinue reading “Backyard project”