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너무 많이

I’ve got too many photos of food and little to say about it. Before the meal I take lots of shots but afterwards I always forget to post them. We held ancestral rites recently and there was also a feast on Halloween. There will be more large meals on my birthday and again on Thanksgiving.Continue reading “너무 많이”

Permadeath 10

I died. Again. Just 12k reaper exp away from getting my 10th point and the nice reward. I had been running everything on R2 during my second life and was quite confident. At level 14 and holding rank 56 on the reaper leader board, I got taken out by a group of rats in “InvitationContinue reading “Permadeath 10”

Halloween Feast (Updated photos)

Every year we have a Harry Potter movie marathon and feast. We had broccoli in a lemon butter sauce, candied carrots, cauldron cakes, coconut treats, toffee, a platter of chicken legs; fried, spicy Korean, sourdough breaded and some were baked. Butter beer, rum and cider to drink. The desert was Jello and chocolate pudding toppedContinue reading “Halloween Feast (Updated photos)”