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FreeCash: The Grand Mafia

Offer: Multiple Objectives to collect 10 Enforcers and upgrade them to higher Color tiers. You need 5 Greens, 10 Blues, and 2 Golds. The Upgrades go: Gray>Green>Blue>Purple>Gold. The offer on FreeCash rewards 142,494 Coins. There are 3 objectives that require purchases which I will skip in this guide. The total reward without the spending comesContinue reading “FreeCash: The Grand Mafia”

Game Girls: Grand Mafia

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Grand Mafia

I finished this in under a week but Revenue Universe denied me the points. They said the advertiser claimed it was not my first time. The only other Mafia game I’ve played is “Mafia City” which is from the same publisher but a different game in app store. So be careful if you’ve done otherContinue reading “Grand Mafia”