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Swagbucks: Super Stylist

I did the offer on InboxDollars, but it is also available on Swagbucks and FreeCash. Offer Terms: are to reach level 50 to earn $20. I didn’t realize it, but there were other versions of the offer on Offertoro that only required you to reach level 22 for the same reward. I ended up throwingContinue reading “Swagbucks: Super Stylist”

Evony TKR: 3 Gold Generals

This is a variation on the offer for “reaching 5 stars” in Evony: The King’s Return. This offer is considerably easier than the 5 star version and should not take as long to complete. There are two other versions: Obtain 1 Gold Equipment and Occupy a Purple Fortress for the first time. The reward forContinue reading “Evony TKR: 3 Gold Generals”

Broken links

May 13th EDIT: It’s absolutely horrible. All the links I thought I was fixing were in fact getting broken. THEY’RE CASE SENSITIVE. So much work to redo now and all the traffic that I sent off to 404 land, what a waste. That’s like my entire ad revenue since April lost. I have been doingContinue reading “Broken links”