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Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII

I found this one in my mailbox at the Swagbucks website. The offer is simple you only need to make a purchase to get the reward. After finishing the short tutorial I went straight to the shop and checked out the packages offered. The cheapest one is priced $1.99. I used $1.50 in google playContinue reading “Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII”

Swagbucks: King of Avalon

6/15/2022 EDIT: The developers have made a number of changes to the game since this guide was written. Some data or functions may not be accurate. So I had been eyeing this offer in the Swagbucks app for playing this smartphone game. I figured it would be tedious or neigh impossible given the amount ofContinue reading “Swagbucks: King of Avalon”

Swagbucks: Party in my Dorm

Another offer through Adgem. This one was sent out via mail at Swagbucks and is also listed in the “Most Recent Offers” section of the site. The offer is simple and can be completed in 2 days of play. You need to unlock 33 Dorm Rooms to earn the reward, which should credit within 72Continue reading “Swagbucks: Party in my Dorm”