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Shutdown: Ugami Debit

I had signed up for this offer through Swagbucks and not 5 days later they shutdown my account. They said there was suspicious activity and froze the account pending termination. I had just scheduled my first deposit the night before. The offer terms were to open an account and deposit $10 to earn 1,600 SB.Continue reading “Shutdown: Ugami Debit”

2 bank offers, Swagbucks

I recently found two bank account offers on Swagbucks that have easy terms. Lili Financial 5000 SB and PrizePool 2000 SB. For Lili you need to deposit $25 and PrizePool wants $10, both offers say will pend for 32 days. Neither offer went pending for me so I will likely have to submit a ticket.Continue reading “2 bank offers, Swagbucks”