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9 Day Streak

I’ve been racking up the points on Swagbucks lately. I am on my 9th day streak for hitting the Daily goals. I’ve done many offers that normally I would skip due to low payouts. The Cleo app even uses rude language; swearing and cussing at you. Maybe that’s trendy? I find it offensive and hurtful.Continue reading “9 Day Streak”

Swagbucks – Albert App

This one is easy but not a great offer. You need to open an account and deposit more than $20 and keep the account open for past 30 days. It didn’t go Pending for me so I am a little wary. It is worth it for the $60 and you get your money back whenContinue reading “Swagbucks – Albert App”

Empire: Four Kingdom’s

I found this game listed on the Adgem with offer term of “Complete level 20.” The Standard 30 day time limit on Adgem offer wall applies. 2400 SB on a double point special. Very little information was available for the Mobile game. The company operates a browser-based version of the game which has a similarContinue reading “Empire: Four Kingdom’s”