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MyPoints: A Detailed Guide for New Users

MyPoints is from the same parent company as Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The main difference I have found is the point values are lower than the other two platforms. You are allowed to have a single account with each platform. You can earn Points in a bunch of ways. For example:Shopping online, using the site asContinue reading “MyPoints: A Detailed Guide for New Users”

Swagbucks: West Game

UPDATE: GAME OFFER IS AVAILABLE AGAIN @ 6,000 SB | As of 12/25/21 | OFFER CREDITS AT TOWN CENTER LEVEL 16. I finally got this one to work. I had received an mailing on the Swagbucks website advertising this game at 6,000 SB. The link didn’t go through and it said the offer wasn’t availableContinue reading “Swagbucks: West Game”

Swagbucks: Give to Charity

These charity offers are not the biggest money makers. If your goal is racking up SB to reach a new Ranking then I would suggest completing all of the charity offers. Most of the offers I can see on Swagbucks are making maybe $5-$10 cash back after the donation. The exception being Sierra Club atContinue reading “Swagbucks: Give to Charity”