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RAID: Shadow Legends Revisited

UPDATE: As of July 2022 most, it not all, versions of the Raid Offer have been changed to requiring you to open 3 Sacred shards and requiring a purchase. It may no longer possible to do this offer Free-to-Play. I originally wrote up an offer guide for RAID Shadow Legends back in October of 2021.Continue reading “RAID: Shadow Legends Revisited”

Permadeath 3

Well I quickly gave up on my idea of an Auro-lock build. Getting that up and close to monsters and possible death was more than my nerves could handle. I’ll just try again with the first build. I did make improvements mostly by adjusting my starting stats to meet prerequisites for ranged Feats that IContinue reading “Permadeath 3”


My new phone is a Samsung and so I now have access to the Samsung Health fitness app. My employer recently stopped supporting the Jiff app and the fitness rewards program they run. This led me to retiring my Fitbit and just generally laying around more. So I am very pleased to have a newContinue reading “Exercise”