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Fall Semester

After returning from my spontaneous trip to Maine in summer last year. I enrolled for the Fall term at the Vance-Granville Community College in Franklin County. I decided to go full-time, so I won’t be going back to work anytime soon. I am taking the Business Administration degree program. Monday was my first day backContinue reading “Fall Semester”

Kasanje Visualizations

I have just got a ton of photos of birds, flowers, bamboo and garden vegetables in my collection. Back when I traveled overseas I took many photos of castles in both England and France. I love taking pictures on my both my camera and my smartphone. My phone is a Samsung A21s it has aContinue reading “Kasanje Visualizations”

My current portfolio

I have reduced the number of apps I use for day trading to simplify my daily schedule. I used to use 10 different brokerage apps, now I just use 6 and I will be trimming that down to 4 eventually. Right now I’ve got mostly marijuana stocks held in my Webull app. Dividend earing sharesContinue reading “My current portfolio”