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New SSD and Skyrim

I got all nostalgic for Elder scrolls and since the computer was non operational I decided to buy a copy of Skyrim for my Xbox One. It was easy learning to do everything with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse. My only issue is that during fights I keep accidentally engaging “sneak” modeContinue reading “New SSD and Skyrim”


I’m thinking about buying a drone to take aerial photos of the local area and the small town I live in. I’ve spent much of my morning watching various YouTube videos about drones and which brands are good. I also have some YouTube channels I am subscribed to where the Creator uses a Drone atContinue reading “Drones”

New Health Regimen

I recently visited my doctor and was informed that my cholesterol is sky high and I likely need to go on medication. I had previously been told this when visiting a CVS Minute Clinic, but I was hopeful that since then I had been able to lower my numbers. I’ve been given 3 months toContinue reading “New Health Regimen”