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Swagbucks: Arknights

This game is a big download at 1.56GB and a 1.74GB in updates at first boot. The offer is kind of small at 500 SB and you have to complete 32 missions in the campaign. You are given 7 days to complete chapter 2-10 and it should Pend for 7 days. A small hiccup, theContinue reading “Swagbucks: Arknights”

Hate in Gaming

I recently found myself responding at length to a comment posted on one of my YouTube videos in the mobile gaming section. The fellow (Keroberus R) made mention of his Autistic friend being bullied by members of the games community on one of the servers. This reminded me of the tumult of Hate and extremismContinue reading “Hate in Gaming”

500+ Subscribers (YouTube)

Well, it turns out that today is my 1 year anniversary of having started my #YouTube channel. There was a small notification that quickly disappeared on my dashboard this morning. I wanted to grab a screenshot but it was gone before I knew it, so I’ve got this stock image of a birthday cake instead.Continue reading “500+ Subscribers (YouTube)”