Shen Yun: Classical Chinese Culture

My mother and Aunt went to the opening show of Shen Yun on new years eve at the Duke Performing Arts Center. They very much enjoyed the show. My mother has been an avid fan of Chinese period dramas for some time so this was a real treat to see. Photography was not allowed. Following … Continue reading Shen Yun: Classical Chinese Culture

Blue Collie Coffee

Seasonal branding display A lovely little shop filled with the aroma of coffee and cookies. Nice big menuCute wall artApparel for sale The staff's pleasant demeanor made me feel right at home. Salted Caramel Brownie A quality cup of coffee that won't hurt your wallet. MenuReceipt I highly recommend this shop. Location 106 N. Main … Continue reading Blue Collie Coffee

Swagbucks Rewarding Moments

Rewarding Moments I got picked: I was happy to see on my Activity Ledger that my "Rewarding Moments" story had been chosen for the month of October. Each month Swagbucks has an event invitation that goes out in the mail. They chose a member's submitted story to feature on Swagbucks' Blog "The Daily Swag." … Continue reading Swagbucks Rewarding Moments