Hate in Gaming

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XCqdMKThBk&lc=UgyE6y_bZrFdSIcRVpV4AaABAg I recently found myself responding at length to a comment posted on one of my YouTube videos in the mobile gaming section. The fellow (Keroberus R) made mention of his Autistic friend being bullied by members of the games community on one of the servers. This reminded me of the tumult of Hate and … Continue reading Hate in Gaming

3G Shutdown broke your 4G/LTE phone? Here’s a Possible Fix

I woke up this morning and found that my phone was no longer able to receive or make calls. The text messaging and internet were fine. After browsing the net for an extended period of time I found that I was not alone. It seems many people were in my situation, we all had 4G/LTE … Continue reading 3G Shutdown broke your 4G/LTE phone? Here’s a Possible Fix

YouTube dislikes

Social media and other types of content platforms are moving vessels with no set direction. They and their content are always shifting and moving in new ways. Recently YouTube made changes to the platform which includes removing the visibility of the dislike counter on videos. The video Creators can still see dislikes on their content, … Continue reading YouTube dislikes