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OverviewEnergy: 12

Position: Messenger of Demons, Dusk Damage

Brief Intro: Chinami exists to maintain the family status, but even as a tool, she is very eager to receive her father’s love, even if it’s just an eyesight.


Passive: Reformer

  • Chinami’s ATK in battle is increased by 15%.
  • When Chinami dies, 220% of her ATK DMG will be dealt to the enemy Master.

Lineup Skill:

  • Activation Requirement: Average Lineup Energy is less than or equal to 14.
  • Activation Effect: When an allied Partner dies, Chinami deals 100% of her ATK DMG to the enemy Master.

Unique: Slashing Crimson

  • Chinami attacks a single enemy, dealing 500% ATK DMG. She has a 80%/25% chance of triggering a 1-hit/2-hit combo, dealing 135%/100% damage.

Special: Slashing Wind Swirl

  • Chinami attacks a single enemy, dealing 162% ATK DMG. If the target is a enemy Partner, then additional damage equal to 50% of the attack is dealt to the enemy Master.
  • Skill Cast Rate: 30%.

Normal: Slashing Dance

  • Chinami attacks a single enemy, dealing 105% ATK DMG.

Gear (UR)

Beheading Evil Blade

Attribute Boost: ATK

Unique Skill | Max Level

An exclusive weapon for Magicians. ATK +16%, Small Skill probability +16% in battle.

Ancestral Blessing

Attribute Boost: ATK and HP

Unique Skill | Max Level

An exclusive accessory for Magicians. MAX HP +16%, CRIT Rate +16% in battle.

Name: Chinami
Class: Slayer
Faction: Demonhunter
Voice: Combat / Bedroom



Ebony Art Book
Korean Art Book
Ivory Art Book
Latino Art Book
OverviewEnergy: 15


Position: Noble Lady, Master Healing.

Brief Intro: Olivia is different from ordinary princesses. She prefers to study her weapons than a diplomatic venue like the ball because she has her own ideas in the face of Fitz, who is ravaged by monsters.


Passive: Golden Hour

  • Olivia increases her Max HP by 33%, and gains Immunity to Fatal DMG 2 times per battle.

Lineup Skill:

  • Activation Requirement: Average Lineup Energy greater than or equal to 14.
  • Activation Reward: Whenever an allied Partner enters the battlefield, Olivia grants the allied Master a shield equal to 10% of her own HP.

Unique: Divine Judgement

  • Olivia attacks a single enemy, dealing 500% ATK DMG, 35% of which heals the allied Master.

Special: Divine Force

  • Olivia attacks a single enemy, dealing 162% ATK DMG, 20% of which heals the allied Partner with the lowest HP.
  • Skill Cast Rate 30%.

Normal: Quick Stab

  • Olivia attacks a single enemy, dealing 105% ATK DMG.

Gear (UR)

Weapon: North Giant Sword

  • ATK: 162,281
  • ATK +16% in battle, when releasing the…

Accessory: Crown of Infinity (Max)

  • Defense: 35,700
  • HP: 346,200
  • Max HP +16%, Block Rate +16% in battle.
Class: Guardian
Faction: Royalty
Voice: Combat / Bedroom


Swagbucks: Kingdoms of HeckFire

Kingdoms of HF – Empire Games

Kingdoms of Heckfire is being offered on Swagbucks for a 4,000 SB reward. The offer was in my Inbox but I also see it in the Search option. Offer terms are to reach Castle level 15, no time limit listed on the offer.

If you are not already a member of Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars; I strongly suggest you sign up. These sites are a great source of extra income for spontaneous purchases.

The game includes 3 Resource types: Gold, Food, and Ore. Gems are a Premium currency for Shop transactions and speeding through timers. There are ample resources available up through Castle level 10 from the starting missions and Daily events. The game also gives you lots of Gems, so you won’t necessarily need to go out and Gather resources from the nodes on the map.

The main issue I found with completing this offer is that they don’t give you a free Extra builder like in other games of the genre. You could buy one in the shop for $10, but that seems expensive to me. You can research “Free Speedup” timer increases and “Help” timer benefits from Clan mates to speed up the constructions. I think I was getting 2.1 mins off per help received and my Embassy allowed 14 hits, so I was getting close to an half hour off. Most of the low level buildings and research only needed 20 minutes so that was fine.

The game utilizes 3 Biomes (Grasslands, Badlands, and Swamp) that include a specific monster and generic resource Nodes. You will have multiple Dragons that each specialize in a different form of combat and specific Biomes. In order to Gather resources from Nodes higher than level 1 you will need to do Research. The same applies to attacking Goblins, Skeletons, Treants, and Titans. The game includes an Ally Hiring system that can be used to buff your combat abilities in certain Biomes. You can earn Gold by hiring an ally and then reselling them at a small profit. This is all done automatically, so it is hands free for the most part, you just need to do the initial hiring. A downside to this though is that when an ally is hired away you lose the bonus you were getting. Ideally you hire an active player who powers up to the point where no one can afford to buy them off of you. You will then get the full stat boost without fear of loss. You can always Drop an ally to get back a fraction of your payment price if you really need the Gold.

The Castle construction time started to get fairly long at level 13. The time to upgrade extended to over 1 day, the prerequisite buildings also took 9+ hours and I had to do them 1 at a time without a 2nd builder slot. The Starter Shield on the town lasts for a week and stays up even after upgrading past level 10, unlike other games like this.

I played the game during a Halloween event and so got many freebies and themed gifts. Perhaps they will have an event going on when you play. I didn’t see any where to enter Codes in the settings and there didn’t seem to be any giveaways on their Facebook (Meta) page. There were some frequent bugs and I did get consolation mails in game with free Gems more than once.

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