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Overview Energy: 12 Position: Messenger of Demons, Dusk Damage Brief Intro: Chinami exists to maintain the family status, but even as a tool, she is very eager to receive her father’s love, even if it’s just an eyesight. Skills Passive: Reformer Lineup Skill: Unique: Slashing Crimson Special: Slashing Wind Swirl Normal: Slashing Dance Gear (UR)Continue reading “Chinami”


Overview Energy: 15 Background Position: Noble Lady, Master Healing. Brief Intro: Olivia is different from ordinary princesses. She prefers to study her weapons than a diplomatic venue like the ball because she has her own ideas in the face of Fitz, who is ravaged by monsters. Skills Passive: Golden Hour Lineup Skill: Unique: Divine JudgementContinue reading “Olivia”

Swagbucks: Kingdoms of HeckFire

Kingdoms of Heckfire is being offered on Swagbucks for a 4,000 SB reward. The offer was in my Inbox but I also see it in the Search option. Offer terms are to reach Castle level 15, no time limit listed on the offer. If you are not already a member of Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars;Continue reading “Swagbucks: Kingdoms of HeckFire”