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OverviewEnergy: 15


Position: Noble Lady, Master Healing.

Brief Intro: Olivia is different from ordinary princesses. She prefers to study her weapons than a diplomatic venue like the ball because she has her own ideas in the face of Fitz, who is ravaged by monsters.


Passive: Golden Hour

  • Olivia increases her Max HP by 33%, and gains Immunity to Fatal DMG 2 times per battle.

Lineup Skill:

  • Activation Requirement: Average Lineup Energy greater than or equal to 14.
  • Activation Reward: Whenever an allied Partner enters the battlefield, Olivia grants the allied Master a shield equal to 10% of her own HP.

Unique: Divine Judgement

  • Olivia attacks a single enemy, dealing 500% ATK DMG, 35% of which heals the allied Master.

Special: Divine Force

  • Olivia attacks a single enemy, dealing 162% ATK DMG, 20% of which heals the allied Partner with the lowest HP.
  • Skill Cast Rate 30%.

Normal: Quick Stab

  • Olivia attacks a single enemy, dealing 105% ATK DMG.

Gear (UR)

Weapon: North Giant Sword

  • ATK: 162,281
  • ATK +16% in battle, when releasing the…

Accessory: Crown of Infinity (Max)

  • Defense: 35,700
  • HP: 346,200
  • Max HP +16%, Block Rate +16% in battle.
Class: Guardian
Faction: Royalty
Voice: Combat / Bedroom


Published by Kasanje

I love to travel by boat, bus or plane. I garden and dabble in amateur photography, hunting for deals and special opportunities. I used to manage and maintain the Cryptocurrency FAQ at FatWallet Forums under the handle parkdanil. I am currently active on Reddit @FatwalletRefugee, I own Bliss in Bloom: Influencers, LLC ( Lastly, I study the Korean language in my spare time.

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