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Another easy offer on swagbucks. Last week Adgate was doing a 2x points special and they had Warpath up for 1,920 SB. I had been eyeing this game on Revenue Universe and Swagbucks but those two both had low values.

Google Play Store page

The game only recently came out so there really wasn’t any guides available. Thankfully the learning curve was low. The offer requires you reach Base level 17 within 21 days.

I finished the offer in 5 days. I bought the starter offer for a dollar which gives you an extra hero. There is a second offer for an extra hero which goes up in price and value the higher your level. It was 0.99, then 4.99 and 19.99 eventually.

Your base buildings cannot exceed your player level. And you earn player experience points exclusively from leveling up your buildings. So to build the level 17 base you need to construct and level up all of the various facilities, except for maybe the airfield.

The game uses 3 resources Cash, Steel and Oil which can be harvested on the map. Unlike other games of the genre you don’t have a city view separate from the map. Your base is managed directly from the world map.

Upgrade Command Center

Beyond the 3 main resources you also have Construction materials like Wood Planks, Bricks, Cement, I-Beams and Concrete. These materials are used in conjunction with the resources to build out your base. You’ll spend most of your time and Gold Rushing Production to move things along.

Since the game is new I received many player surveys rewarding in Gold for suggesting improvements to the game. I spent the bulk of my Gold buying VIP points to improve my economy. Most important was acquiring Energy replenishment items and speeding up the natural regeneration timers.

When defeating enemies (PvE) they drop building materials but you need 10 Energy to pickup stuff; 30 Energy if its a Bunker drop. Without Energy items your stuck picking up 10 items a day.

A big source of extra Gold is Plunder which you will find spread across the world map. When you send out your Scout planes they will notify you of any Warehouses, Boats or Crashed Planes which contain items you can retrieve without spending Energy. You will often receive Maps that can reveal large blocks of the map and further items and Plunder.

Reward Posted

You start with a single troop of soldiers and can expand your base to include 5 companies. You get an assortment of Infantry, Tanks and Artillery units. Duplicate units can be combined (Assembly) at the Research Station to get upgraded units. You can also break down (Disassemble) Items you don’t want at the Production Facility.

Artillery takes out either Tanks, Towns or Infantry depending on specialty. You can change the Parts on the unit to alter what it is good at fighting. The same is true of the other units like Tanks and Infantry. One of the Heroes you get early in the game has Grenades which really make a difference against Tanks. Coupling her with the Field Medic hero makes for a strong company. Infantry can enter a defensive mode (Activate Bunker) which improves Durability; add healing and they’re really tough to kill.

There are 4 Tank types: Light, Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy. I also saw the NPC enemies had “Tank Killers” but I didn’t see those available with the exception of Unit Parts which altered the Damage Focus to Tanks.

The hero screen said Coming Soon on the Air Hero page so you may see Aircraft combat at some point. Probably not important if your just doing the offer.

Completing base upgrades is instantaneous and so I don’t think joining an Alliance is really necessary. Certainly in many other games it makes a world of difference. Alliances in Warpath are entirely combat centric. You can build a base and capture territory using Turrets located in Villages. The team works towards capturing and holding various Raven (NPC) bases, Train Stations and Supply Posts. Each building type gives a Combat bonus to the holding team.

The first alliance I joined was destroyed by another alliance overnight. I logged in and everything was gone and I was prompted to relocate my base. In the second alliance the leader stopped playing without setting any Officers and there was no way of Usurping command. A common feature in casual smartphone games.

My third Alliance worked out and we wiped out two other alliances and killed a mountain of independent players. You don’t lose any resources when your base is destroyed. But all Timers are stopped so no resource collection, materials production or research.

Completing the Daily Mission’s will get you tickets to redeem for extra units using the Chests option. I’d suggest saving up 10 tickets before using them. You can also get new units from the Airdrop function at your Base, in addition to the resources.

I think this offer with its current terms could be finished in 3-4 days. That’s as long as they don’t alter the building material or resource requirements.

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