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Swagbucks – Afk Arena

AFK Arena

Introduction: AFK Arena is one of the more visually appealing game offers on Swagbucks. The developer has spent quite a bit of energy on polishing the game and there have been some franchise crossover events due to the games worldwide popularity. I’ll write the guide based on expectations of you getting the best terms of Legendary+ in 30 days. Don’t forget to Like and Follow.

  • Offer Terms: There have been a couple different flavors of requirements for this game over the years. The basic requirement You may find is to get a Legendary+ hero. More difficult requirements ask for a Mythic or Mythic+ hero.
  • Expected rewards should be between $25 to $60 for completing the offer. Watch out for lower rewards from some of the lesser offer walls.
  • Time limits for the offers can be 14 days, 25 days or 30 days. I would say 25 days is the minimum if you don’t to spend any money completing the offer. The 14 can be done but it will require spending more than $25. If the reward is 50-60 then that maybe acceptable to you.

Heroes: You get new heroes mostly by summoning them at the Tavern. There are 2 Summoning Scroll types and a Friendship Summon option. The Basic Scroll will give you a random hero of any faction and the Advanced scroll will give you a random hero from a specific faction.

If you collect 100 Hearts from players on your friends list you can summon 10 heroes, the same as the Basic Scrolls. The faction of the advanced summon changes each day and can be seen on the Tavern screen at the bottom.

Various shops in Rantarn offer additional ways to exchange for Purple heroes that may aid you in completing the offer terms. It is best to focus on a single Faction since you are limited in resources.

You can pay Diamonds to switch to a specific faction before completing your advanced summons. It is highly suggested you only complete summons in groups of 10 for improved odds of getting Purple (Elite) heroes. Diamonds can also be used to summon heroes and I would suggest saving up your Diamonds for this purpose.

Evolution Guide: There are 6 Ranks for heroes in the game. Green (Common), Blue (Rare), Purple (Elite), Yellow (Legendary), Red (Mythic) and White (Ascended). There are also 3 Tiers for leveling your heroes: Common, Legendary and Ascended.


The Green ones are junk and can be exchanged at the Rickety Cart for fodder. You want the Purple ones as they can go up to Legendary+ for the offer. The Blues will be ascended to be used as ingredients for making your Legendary+ hero.


There are a few Purple heroes that you will receive as a freebie during the first week and these are your best bet for completing the offer. The Lightbearers are the easiest to work on to complete the offer terms. You get the elite+ hero Belinda on Day 7 of the login event.

May 14th EDIT: I started a new account and have found that it is no longer Belinda. Other wiki’s still list Belinda. This will make offer more difficult.

The steps for ascensions are as follows. To make a Rare+ hero you need 2 copies of the same hero at Rare rarity plus the one that will be upgraded. So 3 copies total. The Rare+ can be combined with another Rare+ of the same faction to make an Elite (Purple). To go from Elite to Elite+ you just need another copy of the same Elite hero. Upgrading the Elite+ to Legendary will require you collect two other Elite+ from the same faction. Legendary+ is much easier to upgrade, you only need to get an Elite+ copy of that same hero to use as upgrade material. So for example if I had Belinda up to Yellow and wanted to upgrade her I would need to get 2 more Belinda’s at the Purple stage and combine them to make an Elite+. The Elite+ Belinda would be fed to the Yellow Belinda to make a Yellow+.

In total you will need 72 rare heroes as fodder and 8 Elites (4 copies of the same elite and 4 as fodder). The chosen hero does need to be one that can reach Yellow tier. In the image below we see 2 blues and 3 purples, of the purples pictured only Rosaline would be useable for the offer. The other 2 purples are just lucky draws of Rare tier heroes and they would be saved as fodder for making the Legendary stage hero.

I would like to note that the Facebook share option will reward you and should be used every time it is available. Most importantly it still works even if you don’t have Facebook installed on your phone. There are a few other games where this holds true and you can get “Sharing” rewards with out spamming your poor Facebook friends.

Returning to the above image example; If I wanted to to make Rosaline my Legendary+ hero I would get another Elite copy of her and combine them to make an Elite+ version. Next I would get another purple Ogi and Ira combining them to make 2 Elite+ as fodder. They would be fed to the Elite+ Rosaline and she would then become Legendary (yellow). The last step would be to collect 2 more Purple Rosaline’s which would be combines into an Elite+ Rosaline and then fed to the Yellow Rosaline who then would become a Legendary+ Rosaline. That would complete the offer terms.

Fan Art: Masks

Daily tasks: Scrolls, Diamonds and Soul stones can be acquired each day and on a weekly basis by completing the regular quests. You also have Guild daily tasks you can complete which will reward you with fodder.

Tips on heroes: For combat you want to place your Tanks to the front and your casters/dps to the back. A single healer should be all you need to keep the group healthy. You will get Faction bonuses to your heroes stats depending on the mix in the group. I favored Lightbearers initially but later mixed in the Wilder heroes. Tasi the little fairy has a Stun ability which gives your heroes time to trigger their big moves like group healing, invulnerability AoE damage and DoT’s.

Events: The events run weekly and monthly and will offer chances at Purple heroes and Diamonds. There are also Freebies available in the Store so check there often. Gift codes are frequently made available by the developer. Gift code: AFKMarkiplier is usable until June 2021.

If you are in need as guides to Combat or other game functions not covered in this Offer Guide you can checkout the AFK Arena Wiki. If you found any use in my guide please give a Like and a Follow.

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