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FreeCash: PotC ToW

Play Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War and complete Castle Level 21 to earn 1,500 SB! *This is an AdGem offer so it must be completed in 30 days to receive credit.

Direct Link to Offer:

I have seen this game going for more points through FreeCash for $21.35.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War

Synopsis: The game runs top-down like similar games in the genre. Your town is located on a small island and you will use Ships to battle monsters, gather resources, and complete storyline missions. Your ships will be crewed by pirates that you train at the Pub. You’ll need to make weapons for the pirates, and cannons for any ships you build as well as cannons for upgrades to your Gate (town wall).

You will be limited in the number of ships you can have in your harbor depending on the level of your Dock. Ships are built at the Shipyard and then launched into the port. I wouldn’t suggest replacing your ships with higher tier ones unless a mission objective requires it. You will get upgrade parchments later on that can be used with Gold to tier up your ships to Galleons.

Everyday you can speedup any construction timer by 100 minutes, up to 10 times by watching a short 20 second advertisement. You also get similar advertisement speedup options available when healing pirates, upgrading ships, crafting gear, and the Free Daily Rewards. The daily rewards has 10 stages that will reward you with 100 Gold each on the first 9 and then 1,000 Gold on the last one for a total of 1,900 Gold each day.

Sink attacking ships at your Gate (Wall) to earn speed up items

Gathering Resources vs Production at Island: The basic resources in the game are Food, Lumber, and Silver. The silver mostly gets used to upgrade ships and gear until the later stages of the game. I found gathering resources to be incredibly slow, the same can be said for Producing resources at your town. The skill boosts you get from leveling up barely make a difference in the speed. If you look below, you can see that a level 10 Farm produces much more resources than the upgraded Lumber Mill and the Silver Mine.

I would suggest only building Farms. You can build a single Lumber Mill and Silver Mine to complete the corresponding missions. You can handle most of your early game Food needs this way and then you only need to focus on Gathering Lumber from islands. You should get plenty of Silver from mission rewards and Events.

When your power level sparkles tap on it to get chests with loot

Monster Hunting: The best way I found for getting resources was by use the Monster Hunting function. You can send out your ships to hunt critters or merchant ships and you will get good rewards when you win. Better yet, you can turn on the Hunting Streak which sets your ships on auto-pilot, they will keep hunting monsters of a set level until you either run out of Stamina or uses of Auto-mode. There are Events that run weekly and require you to hunt monsters using Tacticians of set Elements like Fire or Wind. I received a chest with 100,000 Gold from this Event. I was able to skip a couple levels with all the Gold I got.

Use stamina refills whenever you utilize the Auto-Hunt function

Alliance: Your guild or clan will be able to help with speed ups and boosts to gathering within the territory of the alliance fortress. You will also receive Chests every time someone complete various tasks in game or buys something from the Store. It’s also good to keep plunderers away if you are in an active Alliance.

VIP: You will start the game at VIP level 1. At the basic level you get a 5 minute free speed up to complete buildings. At level 2, this speed up increases to 7 minutes. It’s not particularly appealing. A good thing though is that you will get all of the Gold rewards from the previous tier that were unclaimed. So about 3,000 Gold, which can be very useful in the early game for upgrading your Castle. In addition you will be able to use the “Claim All” function on Alliance chests so that you are not tapping forever claiming them.

To reach VIP 2, you will need to acquire 50 VIP Points. When I first checked my VIP level it said I had 30 Points accrued, although I couldn’t remember how I got the first 30 points. You will get 45 Gems as part of the Tutorial which can be spent on a Shop item that gets you 10 VIP points. Theoretically, this would mean that you would only need to spend $1 on a basic pack in the Shop in order to level up your VIP ranking.

For just a dollar you can raise your VIP level and get 3,000 gold

I think this offer is really easily completable in the 30 day time limit that AdGem offers. If you try it from a different Offer-Wall the terms maybe a bit different. This version from Swagbucks is offered through AdGem for 1,500 SB.

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