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Kings Throne: Game of Lust

I should start by saying this game has the highest allowed age rating for the app store, 17+. You can toggle the NSFW content in the games settings. The second thing is that I play these games to complete offers to earn money. This was a failure for me as I got competitive and spent half my earnings beating other players. I have guides for games that follow the same format such as Game of Khan’s and Kings Choice.

You start by generating a character. The game will give you 3 choices on many questions with each answer rewarding you with either Gold, Food or Soldiers. I strongly recommend you choose option 3 on all questions. The soldiers make a big difference in early game for making it into the rankings. After the character generation you progress through the tutorial unlocking different features of the game. The Throne Room is where you get your resources through Levy’s and Royal Decrees. The levy’s are on a timer that is determined by your current level. The higher your level, the longer it takes to collect. So you can stay low level and boost the resource production values of your kingdom to potentially get ahead of higher level players. Your characters Fortune, Provisions and Inspiration attributes will determine the amount you receive from levy’s.

Experience can be earned through campaign battles, completing daily quests, and royal decrees. Maidens: the base set of girls are obtained during the tutorial. The rest can be earned at random when cruising the town.

Heroes: Bosses and Tourneys. The game is centered around accumulating heroes and soldiers to conquer the campaign map. Your own Attribute scores are equal to the sum total of all Heroes, Maidens and Children. After you beat each castle on the map your heroes will take turns attacking the boss until you win. If you can’t beat the boss you will have to Recover a defeated hero using an Expedition Charter. In the daily Tourney your heroes level 60+ will be able to challenge other players. This is a good source of quality and tourney experience for your heroes improvements.

Maidens: Intimacy, Charm and Exp. As you interact with your maidens by Visiting them both randomly and intentionally they will gain exp. The experience is used to boost the Attributes of a corresponding hero (Bond) with the degree of a maidens Intimacy unlocking higher tiers. Maidens will also give birth on occasion, the kids can be raised at the Royal Chambers. If you fill the maidens Intimacy bar to the top they will become Naughty, with their visual appearance shifting upon visitation. As you go on Processions through your realm you will have a small chance of marrying a maiden you meet. Other maidens you get from finishing the tutorial and Starter events. Some maidens and heroes are only available with VIP. Brunhilde and Robinhood can be acquired for just $0.99, which I highly recommend.

Children: Exploration and Marriage. After birth you will be prompted to name the child. Afterward depending on the Potential of the child they will have 10, 20, 30 or 40 levels before reaching adulthood. You get 1 Heart every 3 hours or you may use a potion to get 2 hearts instantly and reset the timer. Adult children may be sent on Exploration missions for 30 minutes to retrieve useful items on the Map. Children may also be wed to other players children of equal Potential. You will get a boost to your Attributes from both children. The Attributes from wedded children can be raised with Treasure items and by “liking” your in-laws on the Social screen.

Campaign: Progress and Punishment. After you complete each portion of the campaign, you will capture the boss. Bosses are housed in your Dungeon to await execution. You can punish the bosses to gain resources and items. My favorite was Prince John as he provides Maiden intimacy items. Additionally the cleared portions of campaign map can be garrisoned with a hero and a maiden. They will provide resources and levy scrolls regularly on a timer. The castle can be upgraded to provide faster collection of items and a greater number of resources per hour. Upgrades require one of the 3 resource types depending on what is being produced. There is a limit to the number of levy items that can be stored at one time so you will need to log in and collect it frequently if your timers are short.

Training Yard: Quality + Tourney Skills. The training yard allows you to lock in a in a hero for 3 hours for training. The hero will get 100 tourney experience and 10 quality experience points. There is a small chance of “Hail to the King” where you get a triple reward. The training yard has many slots that can be unlocked for gems. It also lets you train in your friends training yard or so it said in the descriptions but I never figured out how that works. I had 5 slots unlocked.

Feast Hall: Invitations and Poisons. In the feast hall you can spend either 100 gems or 500 gems to hold a feast whereby other players can sit down to earn points that can be exchanged for items like Stat Tomes or Council Coins. There is an option to use a Feast Invitation to join a feast without spending gems and you receive 1000 points for using one. The invites are farmed from the level 60’s campaign exploration quests. There is also Poison that will subtract 1000 points from the table which is useful if you are competing for the top ranking in the leaderboard. Only the feast host will lose points from the poison.

City Map 1: Your domain. The city map allows you to access the tourney grounds, the menagerie, expedition, harbor, council, the campaign map and the merchant venue. The menagerie has pets that can be attached to heroes giving them a big boost to Attributes. You get the Eagle for free and the Elephant can be unlocked for gems if you save all of your free gems. The council gives bonuses to all of your heroes based on their primary attributes. You can start a Council or join one already in progress. The host gets a 20% bonus to experience and the council runs for 3 hours. If a Council is already full you can try kicking out another player. Rank takes priority so if you are higher level you can oust a weak player.

City map 2: We went over the tourney grounds already. The Harbor is host to a boss invasion each day at noon server time and a single boss fight at 7pm server time. The points you earn from ranking high here can be exchanged for stat boosting items. The cost of items increases each time you buy something, the store resets each day so I usually don’t buy more then twice on any item to conserve points. The Expedition lets you send out your troops to complete objectives that will reward you with hero experience and maiden charm points. The rewards are small but if you have finished the campaign it does give you something to spend your soldiers on. I did not reach level 10 and so I cannot tell you what the merchant venue does.


The following gallery contains my handwritten notes. I’m too tired to retype them all.

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