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Game of Kings: The Blood Throne

Another successfully completed offer on Swagbucks. This one was through Revenue Universe on a double point special and rewarded 1,952 SB. A 30 day time limit, requiring you reach level 21 Stronghold. I spent $1.56 on a Vanilla GC and $8.44 in Google Play Credit.

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There is a guide on Reddit for this game but I found some of the information to be outdated including the promo code “FROMZEROTOHERO” which is no longer applicable. Additionally there have been significant increases in resource requirements to reach level 21.

I had a rough time with this one. There are scant few websites with information or guides to this game. Mostly Google searches would say “did you mean Game of Thrones?”. There is a Fandom wikia page for the game but it looks half built and the icons are all swapped around.

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Game of Kings (GOK) is an upright/vertical castle simulation smartphone game available on both iOS and Android. Similar to other games of this type you have both a Citywide and world map (kingdom) viewpoint.

The tutorial is short and ends at Stronghold level 5. After that your beginner peace shield drops and you can be attacked by other players. The shields are especially important in GOK. Not only can your excess resources be stolen but your Hero can be captured, potentially setting you back a great deal of time.

GOK is a more combat oriented castle sim compared to others like Mafia Wars, Avalon, Rise of Kingdoms or Pirates of the Caribbean. In GOK there are no Forts or Tower’s to provide territory to your Alliance. The only protection available is from the shields which are available in 8hr, 24hr, 3day and 30day versions.

At stronghold level 15 you can build a Prison and capture enemy heroes. Once you build the Altar you can execute heroes to get a big boost. You will commonly see high level players teleporting around and attacking people without shields. During the weekly “Killing” event they become especially active.

In GOK you only have one hero who represents your player level to some degree. You get 5 Citywide Stat points and 1 Hero skill point at each level up. The citywide skills affect things like resource collecting speeds or research timers. Hero skill points give boosts to your hero and allow you to Hunt higher level Monsters.

Your hero is primarily used to hunt monsters in GOK. It is possible to use the hero to lead resource gathering marches but this is strongly advised against. If your match is attacked you can lose your hero.

If your hero is captured they will be stuck in prison for 4 days unless they are executed or you pay $20/$100 to “poison” them. If killed you can either spend 6k Gold to resurrect the hero or get a new level 1 hero and start over.

Beyond a hero’s skill points you can craft gear to gain various bonuses. Some gear is better suited to Army combat while other gear focuses on buffing the hero’s fighting ability when attacking monsters. Other gear gives bonuses to Construction speed, resource production efficiency and research timers.

Each time you upgrade your Stronghold you will receive a chest with beneficial items inside. Hero gear is included with these chests if you decide not to craft gear. I do want to mention that I did not see any additional discount on building timers when equipping Construction time reduction gear. Some items listed -20mins and -90mins timer reductions but I checked the timers with the gear on/off and there was no difference. The only reduction on timers I can confirm are the % based time discounts and the VIP level discounts.

It took me 14 days to complete the offer but in that time I never received enough VIP point items to gain a VIP level. I purchased the $4.99 starter pack which brought my hero to level 31, VIP-7 and gave me lot’s of crafting chests, speedup’s and resources. Later on a similar pack showed up for the same price.

Alliances in GOK can be up to 100 members. Joining a large mostly active alliance is very beneficial. The assistance on timers from guild mates is useful. There are daily and weekly events for Alliances that give many boosts that will help along the way. The main benefit are the Alliance Gifts. Killing monsters will earn a chest for all Alliance members which contain a random item. Sometimes this can be resources, speedups or even Gold.

Since I was only interested in completing the offer I crafted gear to reduce construction time and boost resource production. Having a big Farm production will allow you to maintain a big army to harvest resources. I had 120k tier 1 swordsman which were able to harvest 1million resources each hour.

Avoid building other troops as they are less efficient at harvesting and cost more. On your skills make sure to get Construction 1+2, Gathering 1+2 and Research 1+2. Later once you have finished the cheap research you can use a skill reset item and put points into Stone and Wood production and not bother with the research.

The timers in GOK are especially long and fairly early in game. In the first day I saw some research that required 5 days to complete. You will need to collect many speedup items to get this done in time.

On the world map you will see farms, quarries, smelters and lumber mills. There are also Spoils locations where you can harvest Gems, crafting Materials and Gold. At the edges of the map all the sites are level 1. They increase in level up to 6 near the center of the map.

The weekly Loki event requires that you teleport your city next to one of the lava zones near the center. You can attack the monster Loki to get Mental Shards which can be exchanged at the Black Market in town for items. The Loki event first tier may be achievable if you get in a good spot and have patience. I got up to 70/180 attacks before I gave up. I had enough time left to finish it bit I was super bored.

You want to be right next to Loki but on the grass. If your march touches the forest you get slowed down. From my first location it took 4 minutes to attack, after moving I got it down to 1:23mins. Even if you are far to the side, as long as you are on the grass, it will be faster to travel.

You can time the building event and the Endless event together to maximize your rewards. There is also a Stronghold upgrade event that you can finish regularly. The stronghold event will give you speedups until level 15, then you get resources only.

The game does not have a search function for monsters or resource sites so you will need to scroll around the map to find stuff. You can use coordinates to bookmark things and share locations in the chat window.

The game features a Coffer where you can deposit 100 Gold and get interest on it after 2 hours. Upgrading the Coffer requires you make purchases in the store.

The building resource requirements and the building timers have been extended. This makes completing the offer quite difficult. In the Reddit guide the final upgrade is listed as 150 days, this has gone up to 177 days plus more resources are needed.

I do not think I would have been able to finish the game without buying another $4.99 pack. I could not harvest enough resources to meet the requirements to upgrade the Stronghold. I did get some resources from my Alliance members but even with that I faced a great deal of difficulty.

After I completed the offer, I sent out marches to all my alliance members returning excess resources from the pack I bought. I got 1,952 Swagbucks for completing this offer from Revenue Universe. I have a lifetime earnings of 416,467 SB.

You checkout my site page for more game and offer guides to Swagbucks.

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