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Game of Khans

Game of Khans

Welcome back, I hope you are all fairing well and healthy. This time around I was not completing a Swagbucks offer rather I was looking to add more Maidens to my Game Babes gallery. Game of Khans follows the same format as Kings Throne: Game of Lust with a top-down viewpoint and all of the GUI elements are roughly in the same place. Same concepts of being Lord/King/Chief and collecting Wives/Concubines whose increasing Intimacy scores lead to more alluring displays. There is a new entry available in this format with the recent North American release of King’s Choice, make sure to check that out.

Main screen

You’ve got 3 resources Silver, Food, Soldiers and your premium currency Diamonds. Silver gets used to level up your Advisors, Food is used to level up your villages on the World Map, lastly Soldiers get used to challenge the Campaign which takes place on World Travel and proceed through missions. Completing missions also earns you Hay which is used to Visit by caravan the various Cultural centers on the map.



  • Harem: You will get your first wife by choosing at the start between 2 women. The other one will be rescued and later join the Harem as well. Additional lovers are added at set Power levels, by Visiting cultural centers on World Travel and by increasing your VIP rank through in game Purchases. When visiting towns there is a chance of an Encounter in which you will get to choose which of the available women you want to increase Favor with. Once you have reached a threshold for the particular girl they will marry you and join the Harem.
  • Courtyard: Unlike others of the genre in Game of Khans your Harem members have missions of their own to complete and they will earn experience points and increase in level over time. Each maiden has her own specialty that gives them an edge in completing Courtyard quests. Also at the Courtyard there are Mini-Fights between the Harem members which give you a chance to improve your favor with them depending on your decision’s.
  • Advisors: These are acquired at the Proving Grounds and they act as your General/Knight when taking part in PvP, PvE and Hunting Events. You will get 1 free summon each day and can collect tokens to do bulk summons. There are different tiers of Advisors which can have much better stats the higher the quality. The first Gold Advisor you get will be Khuba. When you get a duplicate draw on the summon you will then get tokens that can be used to increase the Star level of the corresponding Advisor. Alternatively you can swap the tokens for a generic token that can be used on a higher tier Advisor.
  • Heirs: After visiting your Harem there is a chance of an Heir being born. You can interact with your children and give them things like milk, toys or a bath. You can determine which option they want by their speech bubble content. When they have fully grown up you can arrange marriages for them with your Friends, Horde or broadcast on the server chat. Another option is to allow them to seek their own spouse. This option is nice if you are a more casual player. Couples will sometimes give you a gift.
  • Throne: Here you can handle Decrees. Warriors, Villagers and Chiefs. You will be given a dilemma an be tasked with solving the issue without overly favoring one party. The best reward comes from equally appealing to each group over the course of multiple questions.
  • Feast: The Feast option is standard among games of this type. You will be able to invite other players to your feast and get points from being the host. Otherwise you will join other players feast’s and get a smaller return. The feast store has many good discounted rewards to choose from. Marriage items are easily acquired here.
  • Outskirts: At the Outskirts you can explore set locations for Wild Animals to capture. These will be added to your Pet Pen. Sometimes you will get food to feed to the Pets to level them up. At periods of the day there will be rare animals available so it is best to save your explorer points up for these times.
  • Arena: In the Arena you can set your Advisors to challenge other players in PvP combat. Potions can be brewed to provide buffs to your Advisors over the course of the battles. The potions can be upgraded as well and will be available for use for the Season. The higher you rank the better the rewards.
  • Shaman Cave: Each day you login you will get a reward from the Shaman Cave. At 7-days you get a big chest of rewards. The daily rewards are random and taken from a list of items shown at the bottom of the screen and it does include Diamonds as a possible reward.
  • Hunting Grounds: During set times each day you can take part in the Hunt. A mini game where you try to shoot a fleeing game animal like a boar. Accuracy will help you do more damage, aiming for the head you can get a critical hit. Your Advisors will take turns shooting. If you fail to kill an animal on the first hit the game will speed up making it a bit more difficult to complete.
  • Beast Challenge: At set times of the day you can take part in the Beast Challenge and attack the monster. This is a server-wide event and you will compete with others to get the final blow and also to do the most damage. Getting the killing blow will earn you tokens to summon a powerful Advisor.
  • Pet Pen: Your animals that were captured in the Outskirts are available here as Pets. You can feed them to increase their levels. Additional pets can be set to Alpha/Beta to improve the effectiveness of the bonuses. Each pet represents a Totem which can be placed at Village‘s to get a major boost to production.
  • Horde: As with other games you are able to Join or Create a Guild/Alliance to play with others. This helps with ranking in the Events as long as your members are active. There are group missions that can be completed together and mini activities. The Horde Store will be an extra supply of Resources such as Silver and Soldiers and the available amount increases as the Horde ranks up.
  • Barracks: The main way to get your Advisor‘s skill ranked up is to send them to the Barracks. You can set and Advisor to train for a 3 hour period. Diamonds can be paid to increase the number of available training slots at the Barracks. Sometimes you will get lucky and get a Triple point reward when completing the training for a particular Advisor.
  • World Travel: The Hay you earn on the Campaign map gets used to take part in World Travel. You go around to random towns on the map which are cultural centers. Various events will occur and occasionally you may get a chance to impress a maiden. You may save them from a bandit or offer flowers to the girl you like. Filling their gauges will earn you that girl and she will marry you and join the Harem.

I was able to fill out the Game of Khans section of the Game Babes page quite well after playing the game for a few weeks. Unfortunately though Game of Khans doesn’t disrobe the girls to the same extent as Game of Lust. But this game only has a T rating while Game of Lust is rated M. Actually they changed the name recently and now it is called Game of Conquest.

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