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Game Girls: Shadow Brides Goth RPG

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Shadow Brides: Goth RPG is a recently released game still in Early-Access on the Google Play store (Download Here). The game is Rating Pending, but I expect it will get a Mature Rating at 17+ due to the sexual nature of much of the content. There is much sexual innuendo and partial nudes throughout the game. Unofficial Reddit Community: r/ShadowBridesGothRPG.

In the individual Soul Tears posts I will try to attribute all cosplayers as I become aware of them. I have used Reddit and 9Gag to locate some of the models, but it is still a work in progress. A special thanks to 9Gag user erikdillen64 for directing me to AliExpress, where some of the cosplay outfits can be found.

Since there is so much content, I will try to separate much of it here into categories. Popular Chinese cosplayer Yorkie_w is featured prominently in the Soul Tears collectible sets available in game. NSFW Profiles Reddit: u/Yorkie_w Twitter: @Yorkie_w.

Shadow Brides: Goth RPG

Each Soul Tear section has 8 photosets totaling 64 images. All together there are 520 Cosplay photos, which is too much for a single page. You can use the menu below to navigate to the various photo sets I am collecting.

Character Spotlights

Brides First Edition (View) (Cropped)

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Brides Second Edition (View) (Cropped)

Brides Premium Outfits (View) (Cropped)

Brides Beta Version

Bedroom (Flirting)

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Journey of Growth (Event)

A cosplay rendering of Sophia, a character from the Shadow Brides mobile game.
Sophia Costest by (Я КТО Takeshi~)

Loading Screens

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Brides (Infographic)

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