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Swagbucks: King of Avalon

6/15/2022 EDIT: The developers have made a number of changes to the game since this guide was written. Some data or functions may not be accurate.

So I had been eyeing this offer in the Swagbucks app for playing this smartphone game. I figured it would be tedious or neigh impossible given the amount of points they were offering 4,838 SB.

It’s a fairly generic medieval city simulator. Lots of resource collecting, mini events, both friendly P2P interactions and PVP. Everything is time based and you get items to speed through the boring bits.

The walkthrough though wasn’t quite accurate. The fellow was on an earlier version of the game that had functions that are no longer available for strictly free play.

You’ve got a (Green) Stamina bar which lets you take actions like attacking monsters or barbarian camps. Other actions like gathering resources or attacking other players is free. You also get a (yellow) Stamina bar for a mini game where you lead your dragon knight through a dungeon.

Your Stamina will regenerate slowly over time. The bar is Full at 100 points and you get 1 point back every 5 minutes, it take 8.5 hours to completely refill from zero.

In the Skill Tree “Balance” you can put Lord skill points into Stamina Recovery 1 (5% Max), and Tier 2 (20% Max). In the VIP perks there is a Lord Stamina recovery boost that will speed up the recovery rate. One of the Blue Heroes you can get “Sir Gaheris” has a talent that will boost your Stamina Recovery Rate.

For the resources I would strongly suggest starting a farm town and placing it next to your main city. You can raid it for resources that you need. Alternatively you can attack other players, abandoned towns, or ask your Alliance members to send you resources.

The high level Alliances get lots of Gifts that may include Gold or big resource items. You can use Gold to pay for anything you are missing.

All actions give you experience for your Lord and add to your Power rating. Certain game functions like equipping much needed armor are not available until you reach higher Lord levels.

The Swagbucks offer says you need to reach a level of 16 but doesn’t specify if this is Lord level or Stronghold level to get the points. The resource requirements go up tremendously each level, far beyond what you city can produce. You are expected to buy your way there or go crazy on PVP. Ransacking nearby cities will get you the resources you need but takes a long time.

Right so, at Stronghold level 16 you get access to the vault which help out as you can boost your Gold for premium purchases (pay-wall) and the Marketplace where you can buy speed boosts and more resources. If your Lord level is 16 at this point you can wear equipment which will add like 1.5 million to your power rating per piece.

To move from stronghold level 16 to 18 you need around 18 million of food/wood and 4-8 million Iron/Silver. The most I could gather at this point was 600k resources and even that took 1-2 hours per run.

Most of the videos I watched said to make another city and then raid it for resources which I did naturally. With a farm account parked right next to my city I was able to attack it and got around 4 million wood in 30 minutes. I had do lots of missions on the other account to replenish those stores for the next attack but it was much mote efficient than doing Gathering or real PVP.

During the tutorial you are prompted to join an Alliance which is where most player to player interactions occur. I didn’t want a lot of pressure and so opted to make my own alliance at this stage. However when I woke up the next day the guild was full to capacity. The open enrollment option is on by default so I had a bunch of teammates suddenly. Pressure.

If I had to do it all over again I would definitely pay the dollar to get the First Recharge pack. The hero included gives major bonuses to construction that would make the 4-5 day completion possible. Having the right Economic heroes set in your Council makes the game playable. The Military heroes are of less use if you are just going for the point reward.

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