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RAID: Shadow Legends Revisited

UPDATE: As of July 2022 most, it not all, versions of the Raid Offer have been changed to requiring you to open 3 Sacred shards and requiring a purchase. It may no longer possible to do this offer Free-to-Play.

I originally wrote up an offer guide for RAID Shadow Legends back in October of 2021. I recently reinstalled the game to challenge myself to completing the tougher offer terms.

Just to be clear, I am not doing the offer again. I am no longer a new user and do not qualify to complete it. I am just playing for fun with the offer terms as my goal.

I found a version of the offer on lootably with 5 objectives that peeked my interest.

  • Complete Tutorial
  • Make your first purchase
  • Collect 2 Void Shards
  • Collect 4 Void Shards
  • Collect 6 Void Shards

EDIT: 2/07/22 I found 2 extra ways of getting void shards within the time limit. The daily login rewards gets you 2 shards and the clan boss chest gets another. You can potentially get multiple Void Shards if you are in a strong Clan who beats the boss regularly throughout the week. It took 12 days to get all six of Void Shards that this offer would have required.

There is also the more popular “Get 2 Sacred Shards” version, but that mostly gets done through purchases. Opening my wallet may well be a challenge, but not one I dare attempt.

For anyone interested in a money-maker deal this offer was listed for $55. The shop has an offer $9.99 for 3 Void Shards that shows up at level 15. Similar thing for Sacred shards, but it costs $15 per shard, so only do that if your getting $80-$90 back in points.

Special Void Pack $9.99

I checked online and found 3 game codes that were still active. You can only redeem them once per day. Mostly it was Energy and Arena tokens, the multi battle ones did not work. One code did get me the blue 3-star Mother Superior hero. She works great for healing in my campaign lineup.

For the Void Shards there are many ways they can be earned through gameplay, without spending money.

  • Complete campaign on Normal.
  • 3-star completion of Normal Campaign.
  • Login Reward Day 12 & 29.
  • Complete Daily quests for 30 days.
  • Clan Boss Chest Rewards.
  • A referred friend reaches level 30 (max 3).
  • Reach level 75. (Sacred Shard at 60).

This just leaves me missing 1 Void Shard. I’ve got 30 days until I get the Daily Quest shard, which coincidentally will also include a Sacred shard for other cleared objectives.

I started the game on January 26th 9:56PM (Est). I am looking forward to the challenge. I finished the campaign on Normal on my 3rd day of play.

My hero lineup for the campaign includes my starter Galek (Orcs), Warpriest (Sacred Order), Mother Superior (Sacred Order), and Deacon Armstrong (Sacred Order). For the Dungeon battles I also include Valerie (Banner Lords).

Galek is equipped with the Life Steal and Immortal gear sets. He is 4-star and fully ascended.

Galek wearing life steal and immortal sets.

Warpriest is also 4-stars and has 3 ascensions. She has on the Life and Divine Life sets.

Warpriest wearing Life and Divine Life

Deacon Armstrong is a lucky Purple 4-star hero I got from an Ancient Shard. He is wearing Life and Speed gear.

Deacon wears Life and Speed sets

Mother Superior who I got from a gift code is a 3-star hero. She is fully ascended and wears the Life and Divine Offense sets.

Mother Superior wearing Life and Divine Offense

For Dungeon battles I also bring Valerie a 3-star fully ascended Banner Lords hero. She has on the Offense and Life sets.

Valerie wearing Offense and Life sets

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