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Evony TKR: 1 Gold Equipment

Evony TKR: 1 Gold Equipment Offer

The guide you may have seen here previously, was sadly incorrect on a number of points. The below guide was written by a Reddit user and it has been confirmed as working.

Originally Posted on the “” Reddit Sub by user (u/Brave-Interaction511)

4 basic attributes means King’s equipment, not just any gold equipment.

Cost: $25-50

Time: 6-14 days (this is based on people who I know did it, but that was also before this guide existed)

This credited for me on lootably btw. Others did it on AdGem (which paid a lot more, 140k).

Want to address some things before the actual steps.

“Don’t want to spend”: I don’t think this can be done for free within 30 days because you can only produce 12 materials a day max w/o speeding and I seriously doubt you could make up for the rest purely through alliance, subordinate cities, events etc. in the time limit.

“Can you do it in a day?”: Possibly, if you spend like $50 (mostly for gems). Keep in mind you have to keep refreshing for the scroll chest (18,230 gems). (Also it should show up at market level 21.)

Packs and stuff: For the building part look for most competitive packs (top of inbox, use double down coupon). The pack price/contents resets daily. You need at least 2 to speed the keep. Keep an eye out for any good crafting pack deals, and collect your consumption event rewards!! (bottom, might be hidden by arrow). You might see some great gems deal I didn’t or something, so you’ll just have to use your best judgement on that.

Some numbers:

The equipment needs 60 gold materials total.

1 gold material = 27 blue materials. 1 blue material takes 273 gems to speed up.

So 27 blue materials costs 7,371 gems to produce & speed up.

You will pick up a bunch of materials and random equipment to disassemble so you don’t need to produce all 1,620. Just most of them.



These steps sort of overlap so please read all before you do it. 🙂

1. Building. Level the keep to 21. Build the research factory & upgrade that to 21. Build a forge, work on leveling that to 21 too (but you won’t need it till the end). If you’re trying to buy the scroll then you need a level 21 market as well.

2. Alliance. Start trying to join a good alliance before you hit 21 so you can get a head start on the scroll. (There is a cooldown for switching alliances btw). You’ll get a bunch of resources and speedups that’ll help with your keep and other buildings too. If you tap the 3 dots above alliance, then go to ranks and look at kills you’ll see some good alliances to join. Once one lets you in, teleport there and whenever a powerful player starts a war against a monster/boss, join that with 1 troop. This is directly what I was told to do by my alliance so you’re not doing anything weird here.

3. Obtain the kings scroll. Bosses Infrit, Griffin, and Junior Cerberus drop king’s scroll chests. As mentioned earlier you can also buy it on the Black Market for 18,230 gems. The king’s sword doesn’t credit.

4. Materials. Open up every witches bag and chest you have (except resource ones of course). Make sure you are checking events too. If you have any random equipment in your inventory, disassemble that too. Go to your forge and under craft you’ll see the gold equipment that matches your scroll. Just tap on those materials and compose. See what you need and go produce it at the research factory. I’ve already gone over the numbers above so you can figure out how many gems you might need to fill in what’s missing.

5. Craft. If you’re short on speedups then go to your monarch and look under “fame”, collect everything there and then tap on the monarch gear and look if you have one that speeds up crafting. Equip that. Now assuming you have all the materials all you got to do is go back to the forge, go to “craft”, and craft it, and speed it up. (Also this credited within a few minutes for me but don’t forget to take screenshots of this process in case you do have a tracking issue.) You don’t need to refine it! You’re done.

6. Congratulations!! You’re a legend. Enjoy.

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